What I Ate Wednesday…I’m Back!

I think it has been over a few months that I have participated in WIAW. Since I had some pretty delicious eats + a new slow cooker recipe to try out + a DELISH sweet treat, why not share! Random thought: do you realize that the sun has not come out since Friday??? I realize it, because this girl thrives on sunshine. This weather is gross, but it did not stop me from hitting the pavement early this morning. Wake up…Get up…Chug coffee…GO! 6 1/2 miles later I was DONE and it was a great way to start the day. Definitely not the prettiest of pictures (look at those bags under my eyes. ICK!), but it is my PROOF! After my run, I met a good friend for coffee; tackled clients; did a few hours of work at home; more clients; then dinner and desert! So let’s take a quick peak of my eats…

BeFunky_photo 2

Thanks Jenn for always hosting WIAW and have a fabulous day!


Coffee + Strawberry Stuffed and Topped Protein Pancakes with Crazy Richard’s Crunchy PBBeFunky_photo 1

BeFunky_photo 3


Tuna Melt with Roasted Kale Chips and Cherry TomatoesBeFunky_photo 4


Sweet Potato Lentil Soup + Cheese + Wheat Thins



Cream Cheese Coffee CakeBeFunky_photo-374

How many nights a week do you treat yourself to something sweet?


  1. Sarah

    All of your eats look sooo yummy!! That coffee cake looks amazing!! I am with you on feeling deprived of sun! It totally sucks the energy right out of me when it is grey so many days in a row!! Ugh! P.S — I am going to be sending you a new hat! 😉

    • admin

      HA! Don’t even try to convert this Yankee fan. My Mom hopes one of us will marry Derek Jeter. LOL! All us Uhran girls can dream. PS: Today is looking especially gorgeous outside. BLECH!

    • admin

      I love cherry tomatoes and almost burned all of the kale. It was still good, but kind of liked how it almost turned purple. Hope you are doing well! XOXO

    • admin

      I am so glad that you like my blog! Our family friend makes that coffee cake every year for Christmas. Since I was on sugar overload, I froze it finally dug into it last night. It was GOOD! :)

  2. Laura

    yum! Your meals look delish! I personally allow myself something sweet everyday! Dark chocolate is a staple in my diet 😉 Otherwise I feel deprived… it makes life a lot sweeter :)

  3. Bess @ Bess Be Fit

    Girl you have inspired me to make some cozy soup for dinner tonight!! With this weather in NJ right now, it’s perfect!

    • admin

      I heated it up a little bit in the oven and it gave the outside a nice little crunch. :) Homemade coffee cake is the BEST! Have a fabulous day!

    • admin

      It’s a good one and they are reasonably prices as well, which is always a plus. And the only ingredients listed on the bottle: PEANUTS. Awesome!

    • admin

      HA! Pasty and bags, I was a hot mess, but it was a awesome run. :) Hope you are staying “warm” out in CA this week! XOXO

  4. AmyC

    I always have something sweet, but sometimes it’s good for me too (watermelon, yogurt…) It’s the salty snacks that I have to keep under control!

  5. Ellie@Fit for the Soul

    Such good stuff here! I like the sound of that cream cheese coffee cake~and the lentil soup looks delish. I always eat (mostly) whatever I want in moderation so I’m good with eating a piece of chocolate candy here and there, or some cake or cookie, or a few spoons of ice cream at night. 😉 It’s the best way to go in my opinion!

    • admin

      Moderation is KEY when it comes to most things in life, but once in a while a good splurge is needed. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Adrienne @ Happy Ramblings

    Your eats look awesome! Especially that soup, I’ve been on a big sweet potato kick lately, how did you make that?

  7. Olivia @ Liv Lives Life

    Yum, your lunch looks delicious, as does the coffee cake!
    I treat myself to something sweet daily, but it’s usually a Dove dark chocolate. When I have something bigger, like fro yo or cookies, I’ll treat myself once a week. :-)

    • admin

      I treat myself to a sweet treat 1-2 times a week and it’s either chocolate, cookies, or a cupcake. HA! I have a serious sweet tooth and there are way too many yummy cupcakes that need to be tasted. Right? 😉

  8. Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    Oh wow, all of your food looks scrumptious! So so good :)
    The idea for a strawberry stuffed pancake just blew my mind too.

    • admin

      HA! Any pancake stuffed with fruit is always amazing. But then again, that’s just me. Oh and don’t forget the PB…Obviously! 😉

  9. Kim @ AQuietCouple

    I just did my first #WIAW blog post today – http://bit.ly/V5Y85A. I loved going through yours and seeing the tasty things you enjoyed today. I usually treat myself to some sort of dessert, and it’s usually something sweet. I have been trying a bit more lately to find more healthy dessert options, since I DO want to treat myself a little each day!

    • admin

      Dark Chocolate is a good treat that is a bit more healthy if you are looking for something sweet! Glad you joined the #WIAW party! It’s a fun group and even better to food gawk at everyone’s awesome eats. Enjoy!

    • admin

      I will have to tell our family friend all the compliments she is receiving from her coffee cake. :) It’s so good, but she only makes it once a year for XMas. It’s a nice treat. Thanks for stopping by!

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